Think With Your Hands

The Hands-On, Minds-On Workshop
for Teams, Problem-Solvers & Conferences

This two-to three-hour workshop for 8 - 800 participants is an ideal experience for organizations who want to build trust, connections and insight. The workshop is powered by LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™, and has worked for over 7,000 people in hundreds of sessions around the world since 2001. Wisdom attributed to Plato explains why it is such a powerful tool for bringing people together: "You learn more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation."

Whether you need an engaging way to develop your team, explore strategy, or to deepen connections and understanding in conference and education settings, Think With Your Hands is a transformative workshop that is ideal in situations where participants can co-create multiple correct solutions. Join the organizations around the world who have discovered the transformative power of Play for a Purpose, including:

Case Study: Staff Retreat for 300+

Activate the Right Brain

This workshop brings your right brain out to play and activates design, story and empathy; it also enables synthesis and helps reveal meaning. Another part of the magic of Think With Your Hands is in our neuro-biology: the hand-brain connection. A disproportionate number of nerves in our hands are hot-wired to the brain, and Think With Your Hands puts them to work -- the process of building models and telling stories about them - "speaking LEGO" - is an utterly different way to process our work lives, share our insight and build common understanding.

During this process, teams co-create models and stories, share and connect with other participants, and explore relevant themes at a deeper level.

Sometimes, in the midst of Plato and neuro-biology and "serious" stuff, it gets lost that Think With Your Hands is fun! Play For a Purpose (a.k.a adult play) is a rich resource for tapping the collective imagination of teams. In his book, Creative Intelligence, Bruce Nussbaum even states that serious play is necessary for breakthrough innovation.

Voice of the Customer

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Think With Your Hands has worked for a wide range of startups, corporations, non-profits, government agencies and educational institutions at every level. They say nice things:

"Brilliant job! The Think With Your Hands experience really embedded the key strategic messages we wanted." - Managing Director, Parks Consulting, Charlotte, NC [This workshop was an all-hands offsite for about 70 people]

"A huge success - your skills are second to none, and this workshop set the tone and connected our team." - President, Kroll Background Screening, Nashville, TN [Sales meeting - under 20 people]

"Playing seriously seems so light and fun that you do not realize until later that you have done some real work!" - AVP, Wells Fargo Business Direct, San Francisco, CA [planning session for 75 people]


One of the most rewarding parts of the Think With Your Hands experience is co-creating an actual "thing" with your team. Our work lives are so digital and technology-driven now that something tangible made in the physical world is almost a novelty. But there is power and pride in making something three-dimensional, and sharing that creation; it also sparks the question: "what else can we build together?"

The participant teams will also create brief movies to capture their story. Typically, the stories are transcribed, edited and published with photographs of the model.

Imagine a "Gallery" of these models and stories around the gathering times at your conference! Strategically positioned during evening festivities, these are a big hit that encourage yet more connection and interaction...

Want to play seriously?

Please get in touch to find a time to talk in real-time, and let's get you and your organization to Think With Your Hands!




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